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October 2017 Archives

Ways men can help reduce sexual harassment incidents

For many men, the topic of sexual harassment at work can be difficult to navigate, especially with the spotlight being turned on how often it occurs against women in particular. However, men do have the power to be proactive when it comes to helping to prevent it from occurring in California workplaces.

Disability discrimination in the workplace

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Center for Talent Innovation, 62 percent of workers in California and the rest of the nation have disabilities that are not visible to other people. Over a third of the study participants reported being subjected to discrimination, including the perception of not having the required skills for certain work tasks. Workers with invisible disabilities also deal with the assumption that they will take too long to complete a task.

How to cope with harassment at work

California workers may be made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe because of harassment at the hands of other workers or managers. However, there are many possible ways to deal with harassment in the workplace. For instance, it may be possible to look at the employee handbook to determine if there is a formal process for filing a complaint. It may also be possible to talk with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to learn more.

Former Gucci worker files lawsuit against former manager

On Oct. 4, it was reported that a former retail employee of a Gucci store in Chicago filed a $10 million sexual harassment lawsuit. The plaintiff has claimed that the store manager sexually harassed her to the point where he exposed himself to her, but his behavior was ignored by higher-ups. The company also has a flagship store in San Francisco.

Discrimination cases could look at treatment of other employees

Although the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that the experience of other employees might be admissible as evidence in an individual workplace discrimination case, relevancy is a key factor. Employees in California trying to prove unfair treatment at work might gain admission of evidence about other employees if those people held similar positions, belonged to the same protected class or worked under the same supervisors or managers.

Facebook sued for age discrimination

On Sept. 22, Facebook was hit with an age discrimination lawsuit that was filed in California by a former employee. A representative for the social media website did not immediately issue a statement about the complaint, and it is unclear what the plaintiff's job title was.

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