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Lawsuit filed against company accused of pregnancy discrimination

A lawsuit was recently filed against a real estate firm that allegedly discriminated against workers who were pregnant. Specifically, the firm terminated a minimum of three pregnant women. Those in the Bay Area who experience pregnancy discrimination, which unfortunately continues to occur in the modern workplace, may choose to seek justice through the criminal court system.

The realty group that was recently sued both manages and owns commercial properties, including apartment buildings and shopping centers. According to the lawsuit, the company terminated a leasing consultant back in April as well as an apartment cleaner and leasing agent back in 2013. The terminations reportedly occurred after the women announced their pregnancies.

One of the terminated workers had allegedly received more arduous tasks and underwent heightened discipline and scrutiny. The woman’s regional manager at the time also reportedly made some derogatory remarks — for example, saying that pregnancy causes women to be stupid. The lawsuit is seeking court orders preventing the company from engaging in future pregnancy discrimination and requiring the company to get rid of the impacts of its illegal employment practices.

As part of the lawsuit, financial damages and back pay are also being sought for the realty group’s former employees. An understanding of which facts have to be proved to succeed in this type of case will most likely be essential. A pregnancy discrimination case that is successfully fought in the Bay Area may result in remedies such as the reinstatement of a job along with monetary relief for the damages incurred.

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