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Sexual harassment suit targets hotel, celebrity chef

A hotel in another state has been named in a lawsuit alleging harassment on the basis of sex. This lawsuit was recently amended to also include charges of sexual harassment against celebrity chef Todd English. Anyone in the Bay Area who has suffered this type of harassment in the workplace has the right to seek to hold his or her employer accountable.

In the recent case, a woman claimed that the celebrity chef called her sexy and expressed his surprise at her still being single. In the lawsuit, the woman further claimed that the chef, who seemed drunk, began to hug her and kiss her constantly on the cheek before trying to kiss her lips, too. Other servers at the chef’s restaurant are also accused of harassing the woman.

The original lawsuit, which was filed back in August, asserted that the hotel essentially forced the female workers there to endure rape culture. Male staffers were reportedly suggestive with items such as bananas, pens and cucumbers. They also are accused of bragging about their sexual escapades and telling their female co-workers about their desire to have sex with them.

As part of the lawsuit, plaintiffs are seeking an unspecified amount in damages. Sexual harassment is illegal, but unfortunately, it remains a problem at workplaces in the Bay Area and elsewhere. Those who have endured such treatment may choose to file claims, which — if litigated successfully — may result in such remedies as a promotion or back pay, depending on the particular facts surrounding the case.

Source:, “Celeb Chef Todd English Accused of Sexual Harassment in Lawsuit“, Stefanie Tuder, Oct. 4, 2017