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Pregnancy discrimination suit filed after pregnant woman fired

A woman in another state recently claimed that she was mistreated at work due to being pregnant. She reportedly ended up getting terminated due to her pregnancy and thus filed a lawsuit against her employer, an aviation parts manufacturer. Any woman who experiences pregnancy discrimination in the Bay Area or elsewhere has the right to seek justice.

In the out-of-state case, the aviation parts company is accused of violating federal law by firing the pregnant woman instead of accommodating her medical restrictions related to her pregnancy. The woman began working at the business back in July of 2015, where she packaged airplane parts in the warehouse. When she was allegedly instructed to complete a work-related task that went against the medical restrictions that her physician imposed on her because of her pregnancy, she gave the company’s managers the required medical documentation detailing her physician’s restrictions.

The woman, however, ended up being terminated the following day. At the time, management reportedly told the woman that she had to perform the task or else return home. Still, the company has denied the woman’s allegations. The company said it is committed to prohibiting discrimination and harassment according to its employment policy.

As part of the lawsuit, compensatory damages and back pay are being sought. In addition, punitive damages are also being pursued and may be awarded in cases of egregious fault. An understanding of the facts that have to be proved in a pregnancy discrimination case is likely necessary in order to prevail in such a case in the Bay Area.  

Source:, “EEOC lawsuit: PTC aviation firm allegedly fired pregnant woman“, Ben Nelms, Oct. 6, 2017