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The Law Offices of Daniel Feder - San Francisco

Testimonials for San Francisco Discrimination and Harassment Lawyer Daniel Feder

“They Believed In My Case.”

I happened to get referral to Mr. Daniel Feder through a friend. At this law office, they believed in my case; they helped me through the difficult time, and made sure that I got the best of all. They effectively represent people from all walks of life; they provide a high level of service in contingency fee from small case to larger case.

“They Helped Me Stand Up For Myself.”

So just because you work for a corporation, doesn’t mean that they can walk all over you or take advantage of you. You got to know your rights and stand up for yourself. I surely did and thank you to the help of The Law Offices of Daniel Feder.

“On Your Side.”

For a free consultation, contact the offices of employment lawyer Daniel Feder. A great law firm to have on your side.Amanda B

“Gets The Job Done.”

The Law Offices of Daniel Feder gets the job done! Daniel Feder is one of the most experienced plaintiffs’ employment attorneys around. He sticks by his clients and takes on the toughest of opponents. Having litigated against many Fortune 500 companies, he is a tough negotiator who seeks the best possible recovery for each case.Oleg A.

“Dedicated To His Clients.”

I highly recommend Daniel for anyone seeking counsel regarding employment issues. He is extremely knowledgeable, determined, dedicated to his clients. I have referred other friends and they have been very happy. Daniel is amazing and I’m sure that you would be more than satisfied with him and his team. – Alicia L.

“Nothing But Good Things To Say.”

Great attorney! Was fired from my job illegally and he was on it right away helping me through the process. I was back on my feet in no time. Can say nothing but good things about Dan and his legal team. Very happy to have worked with them. – Drew W

“High Recommendations From Another Attorney.”

I am an attorney and I often refer clients to Dan. He is talented, reliable, and aggressive. He has gotten every one of them excellent results. Dan comes with my high recommendation. – Joseph S.

“Works Tirelessly For His Clients.”

Dan is one of the best attorneys I know. He really cares for his clients and works tirelessly to achieve the best results for them. I have known Dan since the late 90’s when he successfully defended me from (an expensive) nuisance suit. You can trust what Dan tells you…he will do his best for you. – Judith B.

“I Was Not Disappointed.”

Daniel Feder was highly recommended to me when I was terminated by my employer four days before an operation to repair a shoulder injury sustained on the job. I have several close friends who are business lawyers but employment law is a specialty, one in which Mr. Feder is highly skilled and extremely experienced. These other attorneys may have appreciated the business but they fully supported my decision to go with Feder. My case was settled several weeks ago and I was not disappointed. – David

“A Top-Notch Plaintiff’s Attorney.”

Dan represented me after I was wrongfully discharged from my long-term job because I took a protected leave to care for my ill mother. The employer violated my rights to take medical leave under the California Family Rights Act. The defendants played hardball, and tried to intimidate us. Daniel was not deterred at all. He stood up to them at every stage. By the end of the case, the employer and its attorneys were the ones who were intimidated. They feared Daniel and paid dearly to settle my claims. Daniel is a top-notch plaintiff’s employment attorney who represents employees in San Francisco, Alameda, San Jose, Marin, Contra Costa and San Mateo.

“Dan Is A Heavy Weight.”

Soon after I retained Daniel, I watched him at a boxing competition at the Third Street Gym in San Francisco. Dan was one of the heavy weights, and came out toward the end of the competition to fight a frighteningly larger opponent. Suddenly, I began to see this match as a metaphor for what I was up against in my employment discrimination lawsuit against a formidable team of corporate lawyers. Suffice it to say, Dan KNOCKED ‘EM OUT IN THE FIRST ROUND and that is exactly the kind of David and Goliath situation one finds oneself in when standing up to abusive employers.

“Outsmarted, Outfoxed And Knocked Out The Defense.”

Dan is definitely the employment attorney who can outsmart, outfox, and knock out the competition, no matter how formidable they might appear, who can give you the strength to keep fighting when you are scared and may think there is nothing left to live for. He works hard, is patient, and does not give up. He listens to you, respects you, and makes you believe in yourself again. I would very highly and without any qualification recommend him to any employee seeking representation against a former employer in a discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, or leave case. – Linda O.

“I Advise Contacting The Law Offices of Daniel Feder.”

One of the top employment litigators in the city is Daniel Feder. He has represented individuals all throughout the bay area with employment cases. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder represent a wide range of cases for people that have experienced harassment in the work place including wrongful termination, sexual harassment and breach of contract. Victims of unfair employment and business practices are provided with services regardless of income. Your employer may not fire you or discriminate you on the basis of your disability, religious beliefs, race, sex and basis of your age. Employment discrimination suit can also be on the basis of being paid less, given fewer opportunities and passed over for promotions. Being discriminated in the work place is wrong and I advise contacting The Law Offices of Daniel Feder. Daniel Feder also gives a free consultation and gives feedback whether you have a case within a week or so. If you are dealing with race/religious discrimination, racial discrimination, harassment retaliation, sexual harassment, wage and hour, sexual assault, unpaid executive compensation, disability discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, breach of contract, never hesitate to contact The Law Offices of Daniel Feder you may have a suit to file. – Cesily L.

“An Outstanding Lawyer.”

Mr. Feder is an outstanding lawyer. People say the only good lawyer is your lawyer. I disagree. I would respect Mr. Feder from either side of the argument. Mr. Feder is an aggressive lawyer who will work hard for his client. But he balances his aggressive nature with respect for people on all sides of the argument.

“Helps Clients Achieve Success.”

This is demonstrated as Mr. Feder works to help his client achieve success, but also actively works to tone down tempers and give good suggestions about being a reasonable person. By the time you need a lawyer to get involved in a dispute, your temper will be hot and your words will be sharp. This lawyer knows how to soften your weapons and use his own in a way unlike a butcher, and more like a surgeon.

“A Legal Champion.”

If you want a man who will champion your cause, Dan is the man.Rene S.

“A Great Communicator.”

Dan always approaches cases objectively. He is able to maintain open lines of communication with adversaries, even in particularly heated matters. – Timothy F. O’Leary

“Diligent Representation.”

I have dealt with lawyers and none have ever represented me with the diligence and ardor Mr. Feder had manifested from the inception to the conclusion of my case. – Jeffrey S

“I Appreciate The Entire Legal Team.”

I’d like to thank you more, but my feet don’t go down any lower. I want to take this time out to thank you very much for taking my case, sticking with it, and helping me throughout. I cannot even describe in words how much I appreciate your help with the case. I also want to thank Sue Ochs and all of your staff members for helping me. You guys are the best. – Mohammed Ashraf, Bank Executive.

“Achieved A Great Result.”

The Law Offices of Daniel Feder were there for me when I didn’t have anywhere else to go. The attorneys were sensitive to my condition, and achieved a result I am happy with. – Daniel R.

“Exceptional Legal Service.”

Daniel Feder has provided me with exceptional legal services. Daniel Feder and his team were professional, timely, and most importantly, zealous advocates for my case. At my initial visit with Daniel Feder he listened to the issues I was having at work and gave me the hope that I would see justice. During the duration of my case, his staff always made me feel comfortable and kept me up to date on the status of the proceedings. With the hard work of Daniel Feder and his team I was able to see a successful result in my case. – Jenny

“One Of The Best Decisions I Have Ever Made.”

I didn’t know what to do after I was fired from my job for retaliatory reasons. Then my mother heard Mr. Feder’s commercial and told me to go into his office. I meet with him and it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. The lawyers work on contingency so you don’t have to pay them for their services to work your case. If you want somebody who is personable and cares about their work, you should choose this firm. They fought tooth and nail for me to remind employers that they can’t just violate their employees’ rights without consequences.