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Retaliation And Whistleblower Laws

At The Law Offices of Daniel Feder, we protect employees and whistleblowers who have faced retaliation in the workplace. We understand how difficult it is for individuals to assert their rights at work only to be victimized through retaliatory actions. As your counsel, we will aggressively advocate for your right to justice. With a strong command of state and federal employment laws, as well as an in-depth knowledge of building evidence-based claims, Mr. Feder has secured hundreds of favorable results in retaliation and whistleblower cases for past clients.

If you have been terminated, demoted, or harassed and you suspect that your employment status has deteriorated because you complained about some behavior or practices by your employer that you believed were illegal, contact a retaliation and whistleblower attorney at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder immediately. Retaliation against employees for complaining about illegal activities is illegal. You should retain an experienced and top employment litigation attorney to help you understand your rights and to assist you in recovering damages from your employer.

Retaliation In The Workplace

In most cases, retaliation cases usually involve an employee who reports discrimination, harassment or illegal conduct at work and as a result is demoted, fired or otherwise faces unfair consequences. In some cases, it can also include workers who refuse to participate in illegal workplace activities. Unfortunately, retaliation cases are very common in California.

Due to recent amendments to California’s whistleblower statutes, all internal complaints by employees alleging violations of the law, or raising safety issues or otherwise alleging illegal practices are protected. So, even if an employee has not complained to a government agency like OSHA, the employee is protected against retaliation for making an internal complaint within the company alleging illegal activities.

The proximity in time between the making of the complaint and the retaliation is a key factor that the courts evaluate in determining whether the complaint was a “motivating factor” in the adverse employment action. It is also critical to develop proof of causation. So, it’s important to establish that the decision-makers had knowledge of the complaint. If you want to develop proof to support of your case, contact an experienced retaliation lawyer at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder. Call us at 877-557-5609 or complete the online case information form.

Employees in the health care fields are entitled to special protections against retaliation. These protections are codified in the Health and Safety Code. If you are a health care worker, you should contact The Law Offices of Daniel Feder to determine if you have a case.

Some employers or managers make an example of one unfortunate employee in order to discourage the other workers from:

  • Fling complaints
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Submitting a complaint to the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • Reporting unsafe, unsanitary or dangerous conditions at work
  • Opposing shady financial practices and bank fraud
  • Complaining about non-payment of wages, overtime and benefits
  • Reporting fraudulent practices to a county, city, state or federal agency
  • Reporting sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Taking leave for pregnancy, maternity, or a family member’s illness as protected under the California Family Rights Act and/or the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Supporting a co-worker’s complaint of race discrimination, sexual harassment, or other unlawful practice in a company investigation or civil lawsuit
  • Acting as a whistleblower to report unlawful conduct in the company

Contact Our San Francisco Retaliation Attorneys To Learn More

If your workplace has become hostile or unwelcoming after you reported a workplace violation or an illegal activity, you may have a claim against your employer. If you faced unfair consequences or were fired because you refused to participate in illegal workplace activity, you may also have a claim. Only a qualified employment law attorney can properly assess your matter. Contact our retaliation and whistleblower lawyers today for a free case evaluation.

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