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How San Francisco Employment Lawyer Daniel Feder Works

We work with passionate dedication to our clients’ interests. We work tirelessly. We are persistent. We listen. We care.

We know that you are experiencing one of the most difficult periods of your life. Everything you have worked so hard to achieve is under threat. Your confidence, your finances and your family life are all under tremendous stress because of illegal activity by your employer. You need someone to listen to your problems, to understand it, and to take effective action on your behalf to remedy the consequences of the wrongs you have suffered.

At The Law Offices of Daniel Feder, we have the resources and the will to make things right for you. We will not rest until we have done everything we can to remedy the wrongs you have suffered.

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Empowering You From The Beginning Of Your Case

The Initial Interview

The employment and litigation attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder aggressively pursue the interests of our clients from the very beginning of the case. We believe in information, collected early, and preservation of your evidence. You will meet with Mr. Feder personally before we file your case. This is called the “initial interview.” During the initial interview, Mr. Feder will collect all key documents and information for your case. Key witnesses will be identified. The most important facts will be developed and analyzed. Early on, The Law Offices of Daniel Feder, an experienced employment and litigation law firm in San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland, will conduct a detailed analysis of your case. After years of experience as an investigator, Mr. Feder knows how to help you remember key facts supporting your case that you might have forgotten about. Using the information we gather, The Law Offices of Daniel Feder will thoroughly evaluate all of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, your damages and any urgent legal issues concerning your case. We typically do not engage in prelawsuit negotiations with your former employer, believing that most employers don’t take prelawsuit settlement demands seriously.

If you would like us to get information about your case, contact us at 415-391-9476 or by completing the online consultation form.

Empowering Your Case Through Discovery

After the initial interview and any prelawsuit requirements, we will then file your lawsuit in the appropriate county and notify your former employer or adversary of the claims. After we file your lawsuit, we immediately begin what’s called the discovery process, which means we collect information from the employer or other defendant. We uncover their witnesses, documents, emails, physical evidence and any other information in the possession of the defendants. If the defendants don’t cooperate, we will approach the court and get orders forcing them to provide us with the evidence we will need to win your case. We will protect you against any efforts the employer or defendant might try to intimidate you or make you feel uncomfortable.

Using the documents we have collected, we will then take the depositions of the key witnesses in your case. Some of these witnesses will be “hostile” witnesses. These hostile witnesses are the representatives of the employer (supervisors, human resources representatives and co-workers) who will testify on behalf of the employer. The employment attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder, serving San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, Oakland, and other counties, are experts in detecting discrepancies and inconsistencies between the documents and other records and the testimony from these company witnesses. We have specialized expertise in impeaching the testimony of these witnesses. In many cases, the inconsistent testimony we have obtained through discovery has resulted in the employer giving up and paying large amounts of money to settle the employee’s case.

If you would like us to collect information for your case and impeach your former employer, please call us at 415-391-9476, or submit an online consultation form.

Settlement And Mediation

Once we have completed discovery for you, we will vigorously prepare your case for settlement. We will work closely with you to gather any additional facts needed to maximize the value of your case. Further, we will work with our team of experts, including economists, doctors, accident reconstruction experts, human resources consultants, vocational rehabilitation consultants and others to develop your case for damages and liability.

Most cases settle before trial at either a “mediation” or a settlement conference. Mediation is a negotiation with the defendant supervised by a third party, usually either a retired judge or an experienced attorney unaffiliated with either party.

Attorneys from other law firms frequently fail to secure top dollar for their clients through mediation or at the settlement conference. The employment law and litigation attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder, serving San Francisco, Alameda, Marin and San Jose counties, are very well-known and respected by defense attorneys and mediators in California. We are always well-prepared for mediation and settlement conferences. We are tough negotiators who are experienced in securing the maximum settlement value for your case.

To hire the best attorneys for settlement of your case, call the experienced employment law attorneys of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Marin at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder. Call us at 415-391-9476 or submit an online consultation form.


Very few attorneys have much trial experience. They almost always settle because they fear the courtroom, or because they are not prepared. Frequently, these attorneys settle cases to the detriment of their clients because the opposing attorneys know that they will accept a low offer due to their inexperience in trial. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel Feder will take your case to trial if the defendant does not make an offer to settle that is consistent with the true value of your case.

Mr. Feder will personally try your case. He has more than 25 years of experience trying cases throughout California. He has achieved outstanding results at trial, including some of the largest jury verdicts in pregnancy discrimination, wage and hour, and disability discrimination cases in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Marin and other counties. He is well-known and respected by attorneys and judges throughout the state for his skills as a trial lawyer. He knows how to pick juries that will be receptive to your case. He is very skilled at cross-examination of opposing witnesses. His closing arguments have made the difference in several cases.

To hire a revered trial lawyer, call an experienced employment law attorney at 415-391-9476 or submit an online consultation form.