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Disability discrimination in the workplace

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Center for Talent Innovation, 62 percent of workers in California and the rest of the nation have disabilities that are not visible to other people. Over a third of the study participants reported being subjected to discrimination, including the perception of not having the required skills for certain work tasks. Workers with invisible disabilities also deal with the assumption that they will take too long to complete a task.

Forty-four percent of workers with apparent disabilities stated that they have been victims of discrimination. Forty percent of employees that exhibit some signs of a disability said they have been discriminated against.

Only 21 percent of people who have disabilities have informed their human resource departments about them. The study also revealed that a mere 39 percent of disabled workers have informed their managers. As a result, employers may not be able to make the necessary accommodations for these workers to be sufficient at their jobs.

According to the study, workers who have disabilities tend to be more driven than those without them. Nearly 80 percent of disabled workers have a self-perception of being extremely driven while 79 percent of workers with no disabilities believe the same.

However, workers who have disabilities may find that their conditions are obstacles to building a career. Fifty-seven percent of the workers reported being stuck in place career-wise while just 44 percent of employees with no disabilities felt the same.

Individuals who have experienced workplace discrimination or have had their civil rights violated on the job may have a legal basis to pursue financial damages. An attorney that practices employment law may file lawsuits against employers on behalf of clients that were discriminated against because of their disability, age, race, sex or religion.