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Do I Have A Case?

This is the key question that every employee considering an employment attorney consultation has on their minds. And it’s a question that’s best answered only by an attorney, not a layperson. So, as a general rule, we highly recommend that you contact us immediately if you are even asking yourself this question. Don’t delay. The number is 415-391-9476. Someone will always be available to answer your call.

What’s Involved In The Initial Consultation?

Employees sometimes experience years of discrimination and harassment without complaining. They are frightened. They don’t want to lose their jobs. So, they just go along to get along. This can be very damaging and make it difficult to stand up for their legal rights because it impacts the employee’s self esteem. In many other cases, they are unfamiliar with their legal rights. Moreover, they are intimidated by attorneys and the entire legal process. As a consequence, these employees continue to experience harassment and discrimination for years. These situations have a remedy. There’s something you can do to fight back. And you are legally protected against retaliation by the employer for making your complaints.

The first step in the process is to contact Mr. Feder. Simply complete the consultation request form on this website, or call the office at 415-391-9476 and you will be contacted immediately for a free initial consultation. If you believe you might have a case against your employer, or any other type of case, you should contact us and find out for sure. You might be entitled to collect thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars and not even realize it.

As any consultation with our office is considered to be a confidential attorney client communication, you can feel confident that nothing that’s discussed will ever be disclosed to any third party without your consent. We might decide not to work together, but we will still keep all of our conversations private and not disclose any information or documents you provide to us to anyone.

What Happens After I Call Mr. Feder?

Once you contact our staff, we will immediately begin the process of evaluating your case. We will do an interview over the phone to collect basic information about your case. This information, and any key documents you submit, will all be provided to Mr. Feder immediately. He will review all of the information you provide within 24 hours and will meet with you personally after that. All communications you have with Mr. Feder and his staff are provided on a complimentary basis. You will not be charged. We will answer your questions. You will know whether or not you have a case after you speak to Mr. Feder‘s offices. There’s no cost to you.

If you are have been the victim of discrimination or harassment, contacting an attorney for the first time can be difficult. Our Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco harassment and discrimination attorneys understand the sensitivity of your situation and will be very considerate of how painful it is to discuss these matters. We will listen to you carefully and with genuine empathy and understanding and will provide you with personalized recommendations for your case as to the following questions:

  • What are your rights?
  • What are your potential claims?
  • How long will my case take?
  • What are the pros and cons of your case?
  • What is the potential value of your recovery?

The Law Offices of Daniel Feder can defend your rights and help you pursue justice. We will pursue your harasser and employer. Our goal is to make you whole. Our attorneys in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose are experienced in discrimination and harassment cases. If you have any doubt, read the many recent testimonials from our clients. Those previous clients will give you a clear sense of the quality of representation we will provide you.

What Happens After I Meet With Mr. Feder?

After Mr. Feder meets with you, and agrees to take your case, he will give you a detailed overview of the entire litigation process. He will answer any questions you might have about the case. He will instruct you of what additional documents you might need to send to his offices. He will discuss with you witness lists, a discovery plan, and give you broad recommendations for case management.

You will be given a written contingency fee agreement to review. This agreement will describe in detail the agreement for the representation. You are free to take the document home with you to review and Mr. Feder will answer any questions you have about the fee agreement. Once you have signed the fee agreement, you will receive a fully executed original of the agreement for your records.

Mr. Feder will give you clear instructions on what steps you should take to ensure that you do your part to make sure that your rights to collect damages are preserved. You will be instructed to keep careful records of your efforts to obtain new employment. You will be advised concerning how to treat and mitigate your emotional distress damages. Mr. Feder will prepare your Complaint for damages, which will be filed with the court. This is the first step in initiating the litigation process. From there, it unusually takes anywhere from 12-18 months to resolve a case.

Don’t delay. Find out if you have a case. Get the best legal advice from the most qualified employment attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Contacting An Employment Attorney At The Law Offices of Daniel Feder

Call 415-391-9476 or email us to schedule your free initial consultation with one of our experienced San Francisco employment lawyers in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose.