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How to cope with harassment at work

California workers may be made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe because of harassment at the hands of other workers or managers. However, there are many possible ways to deal with harassment in the workplace. For instance, it may be possible to look at the employee handbook to determine if there is a formal process for filing a complaint. It may also be possible to talk with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to learn more.

When an individual experiences harassment, it may be best to record the details of that incident. Key details include the date, time and location of the incident. It may also be worthwhile to write down the names and titles of the perpetrators. Any record of harassment should be kept in a safe place outside of the workplace. In addition to keeping a written record, it may be a best practice to report it to management.

Victims should ask for witnesses to go on record to talk about what they saw. If others have been harassed by the same person or by others, they too could benefit from recording their experiences. At the very least, victims may want to convey their belief that others have been victims of harassment as well. In addition to seeking support from colleagues, victims may wish to seek support from friends or others outside of work.

If an individual has been a victim of harassment it may be possible to take action against an employer. Informal negotiations, filing reports with the EEOC or other steps may be appropriate. An attorney may be able to review a case and possibly take steps to help a victim. If successful, an individual may be entitled to back pay after a wrongful termination or other relief based on facts in the case.