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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies routinely attempt to take advantage of their policyholders by failing to handle insurance claims in good faith. In many cases, insurance companies retaliate against their policyholders by delaying processing claims and even concocting false reasons for the denial of legitimate claims.

These cases can include what are called “first-party” disputes, which are situations where the insurance company has refused to cover losses that are clearly covered by an insured’s policy. They can also include cases where an insurance company refuses to provide a legal defense to a complaint made by a third party that is covered by a policy.

When Mr. Feder started his legal career, he represented insurance companies, defending them in bad faith lawsuits brought by policyholders. As a consequence, he is very familiar with the techniques used by insurance companies to avoid paying legitimate claims. Mr. Feder now represents policyholders in disputes with their insurance carriers about how the insurance carrier has processed the client’s claim. Mr. Feder has represented policyholders against insurance companies concerning property damage claims, real estate disputes, business losses, lost earnings and disability insurance.

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