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Alcoholic Beverage, Winery and Restaurant Law

The Law Offices of Daniel Feder is provides advice to wineries and restaurants on a variety of commercial issues, including corporate or partnership formation, documenting restaurant and winery sales transactions, asset transfers and sales. We assist wineries and restaurants in negotiating a variety of contracts, including distributor and production agreements, marketing agreements, grape purchases and customer crush agreements, trademark and licensing, and commercial leases. 


The Law Offices of Daniel Feder can held you obtain the necessary licenses necessary for you to produce, import, distribute, sell and buy beverages that contain alcohol. We will advice you on obtaining the best license for you, and we can help you get the license so you can run your business in accordance with the law.

Labeling And Formula Approval

Labeling is a tricky issue for wineries. Every label on an alcoholic beverage must comply with strict laws and regulations for content. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder is very skilled in providing advice to wineries and restaurant to help them get their labels right and to move their distribution forward in full compliance with applicable law.

Online Sales And Shipping

The Law Offices of Daniel Feder can help you navigate through the complex issues relating to the online sale and shipment of wines and other alcoholic beverages. We will give you advice on what types of licenses you would need to ship alcohol to various states. We can help you sell, market, ship and promote alcohol online will

Promotions And Trade Practices

The promotion and advertising of wine and other alcoholic beverage is changing almost every day. Many wineries and restaurants are seeking ways to capitalize on these new technologies to promote and market their brands. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder has extensive expertise helping wineries and restaurants promote their brands using best practices in accordance with applicable laws. Promotions for wines include sweepstakes, coupons, contests, and use of social media. Restaurants and wineries have many new options for reaching potential customers, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We will make sure that wineries and restaurants are in compliance with the laws pertaining to promotions through social media, and ensuring that their marketing efforts are compliant with the laws in California.


A businesses trademark is an important asset of their business. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder is skilled an helping wineries and restaurant obtain trademarks and making sure that, if anyone uses the trademark in violation of the law, that the trademark laws are enforced. Trademarks can range from anything to a brand name, to graphics, taglines and slogans. The Law Offices of Daniel Feder can help you perform searches to determine the availability of trademarks. We can help you obtain the trademark and to manage any disputes and cancellation issues.

Employment Issues

We provide legal counseling to wineries and restaurants on a variety of employment related issues We have extensive experience in all matters relating to employee issues, including compliance with wage and hour laws, handling wrongful termination cases, advising employers (and employees) in employment disputes, contract matters, employment agreements, separation agreements, and other employment related issues.