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Gap Distributes Clothing Vouchers To Placate Plaintiffs Represented By Daniel Feder

January 8, 2005

Gap Inc. elected as part of a settlement in a class action filed by attorney Daniel Feder to give thousands of current and previous Gap employees clothing vouchers.  This agreement was reached in a class action settlement of a lawsuit brought by the Law Offices of Daniel Feder.

Mr. Daniel Feder brought the suit against Gap Inc. on behalf of plaintiffs.  The lawsuit alleges that these employees were forced to purchase Gap-branded clothing as a condition for working in the retail stores.

The clothing vouchers were agreed upon as a way to compensate plaintiffs for the damages they incurred when they had to purchase the Gap clothes.  State laws would require employees who are required to wear uniforms to get reimbursement for such purchases.  Gap Inc. representatives still feel that the clothing manufacturer did not violate California labor laws.