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January 2018 Archives

Casino founder faces sexual harassment allegations

Many California residents have stayed at one of Steve Wynn's properties in Las Vegas. Reports have now surfaced that Wynn has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. The Wall Street Journal claims in a story that Wynn settled a 2005 case involving a manicurist for $7.5 million. The Wall Street Journal also claimed that it sought to talk with more than 150 people who used to work for him.

Lawsuit against TBS alleges racial discrimination

When California residents watch a television channel, they have little way to know what goes on behind the cameras. A lawsuit filed by a black female former employee of Turner Broadcasting System sheds some light on what she alleges went on throughout the organization. According to her complaint, the 13-year veteran of the cable channel said that her employer passed her over for a promotion to a senior management position although her work history qualified her for the job. The employer instead promoted a white man with allegedly inferior qualifications.

Woman files wrongful termination suit against school district

A woman who used to work as an administrative assistant for a school district in another state recently decided to sue the district and the district's chief operating officer for an unjust firing. The district is also accused of violating the state's statute addressing whistleblowing. The woman's suit is now the district's third one recently. Any individual who is a victim of wrongful termination in the Bay Area has the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Whistleblowers claim Salvation Army managers stole donations

Two individuals in another state recently came forward about Salvation Army managers who had allegedly stolen donations. These whistleblowers claimed that the managers then pocketed the earned profits. Afterward, the whistleblowers were reportedly punished for speaking up about the managers' alleged activity. Fortunately, any whistleblower in the Bay Area and elsewhere is protected under state law.

SFPD whistleblower to get $100K settlement

The filing of a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California by a former San Francisco Police Department officer has resulted in a $100,000 settlement offer from the city. A woman, who had worked for the department for 22 years, asserted in her legal claim that she was forced to retire because she feared dismissal after blowing the whistle on an embezzling colleague.

Lawsuit accuses Google of gender-based income discrimination

A group of women has filed a class-action lawsuit against Google claiming that the technology giant's employment practices violate California law. Lawmakers in Sacramento amended the California Equal Pay Act in 2017 to forbid employers from using prior pay to set salaries, and they revised the state labor law again on Jan. 1 to stop companies even asking job applicants about how much they earned in their previous positions. The class-action lawsuit alleges that Google flouts this law and claims that women employed by the Mountain View-based company are paid significantly less than their male colleagues as a result.

How to combat sexual harassment when you're not Oprah

In her powerful acceptance speech of the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes, Oprah declared, "Their time is up!" referring to those who have habitually gotten away with sexual harassment in a variety of workplaces. Her words created quite at stir in the audience, not to mention the Twitter storm that erupted in the following days speculating on whether the television and entertainment star would run for president in the 2020 elections.

New legislation may help keep hotel workers safe

A proposed bill in California would require hotels to provide panic buttons to employees. These buttons would allow employees to seek assistance if they are threatened or other put in danger by a guest. According to one of the bill's authors, the intent is to protect maids and other staff who may have to go into a room by themselves from potential sexual harassment. In July 2017, 500 hotel and casino workers affiliated with an Illinois labor union responded to a survey about sexual harassment.

Transgender woman sues Sam's Club

Workers in California are protected from discrimination at work by both state and federal laws. A transgender woman is suing Sam's Club alleging discrimination. According to court documents, she was fired from a North Carolina store after making repeated complaints about harassment.

Court orders payment to terminated whistleblower

Workers in California and throughout the country are protected from retaliation by their employers if they become whistleblowers. Protecting them can be important to employee safety, as unsafe workplaces kill more than 4,000 workers each year. In New York, a man had raised issues with his company regarding its disposal of asbestos. He took pictures of the asbestos at the work site after it was closed and took a bag from the site containing the hazardous material. His employers then fired him. Several weeks later, the company also filed a lawsuit against him for defamation.

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