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Casino founder faces sexual harassment allegations

Many California residents have stayed at one of Steve Wynn’s properties in Las Vegas. Reports have now surfaced that Wynn has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. The Wall Street Journal claims in a story that Wynn settled a 2005 case involving a manicurist for $7.5 million. The Wall Street Journal also claimed that it sought to talk with more than 150 people who used to work for him.

However, many did not want to talk on the record for fear of losing their jobs. Ultimately, the Wall Street Journal reported that female employees would hide when they heard Wynn was coming to the casino where they worked. In one case dating back to the early 1990s, a former executive who worked for the man said that department heads made complaints about how Wynn treated female employees.

In a statement, Wynn Resorts said that there was nothing to the allegations and that they were part of a smear campaign by Wynn’s estranged wife. The couple is currently in the middle of divorce proceedings. The company pointed out that there had been no complaints against him made through the company’s anti-harassment hotline. An attorney for Wynn’s wife denied that she had anything to do with the accusations.

Those who were subject to offensive sexual comments or other sexually charged innuendo may have been victims of sexual harassment at work. An attorney may use statements from witnesses or from victims themselves to show that such actions took place. If a complaint is made but not acted on, a lawsuit might be the next step to take.