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At least 61 workers join wrongful termination suit against CSX

Bay Area residents know all too well the stress that can come from being unable to work. When employees find themselves facing a serious medical situation, they often rely on a note from a doctor to explain to their employer that they may be unable to perform their job duties for some time. In most cases, employers have policies in place to protect workers from losing their jobs, so that they may recover from what ails them and return to work. Unfortunately, sometimes employers attempt to circumvent employee rights, and find themselves accused of wrongful termination

Recently, railroad giant CSX has become embroiled in a wrongful termination suit that now includes over 60 workers who claim their employer has violated their rights. The employees claim that after seeking medical attention for various conditions, they were given notes by doctors to prove that they could not perform their job duties for a period of time. Rather than honor these notes, CSX accused employees of committing fraud and exaggerating or falsifying medical conditions to avoid working. 

The employees further claim that in doing so, CSX fired them for misusing their health insurance, and exposed their medical records in an attempt to prove it. Despite the fact that the employees sought medical attention at different facilities and doctors, many faced disciplinary action and were ultimately let go. The plaintiffs are suing CSX for firing them illegally. 

In cases of wrongful termination, it may be a daunting task for an individual employee to educate themselves on what their rights are. If an employee in the Bay Area suspects he or she may be the victim of this sort of mistreatment, it may be difficult to know where to turn for help. Many people find it useful to enlist the services of an attorney that focuses on employment law. 

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