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Sexual harassment suit filed against family fun center

A former family fun center waitress in another state recently claimed that she was sexually harassed while on the job. The woman has therefore filed a lawsuit against the entertainment business, seeking damages. Likewise, individuals in the Bay Area who experience workplace sexual harassment have the right to seek to hold their harassers accountable.

In the recent out-of-state case, the woman claimed that her workplace was more like a locker room than a family fun center. The business offers restaurant food as well as games, such as laser tag and bowling. However, during her time there as a lead banquet attendee and trainer, an employee allegedly harassed her on multiple occasions. For instance, he slapped the woman hard on her buttocks one day.

The same employee allegedly asked her if she had engaged in sexual intercourse recently and also if individuals her age typically had sex. He also reportedly wiped whip cream on the woman’s crotch area and commented on her breast size. The entertainment business recently acknowledged that it was aware of the woman’s lawsuit against it, and it denied her claims. According to the company, its goal is to treat every employee with respect and dignity.

Unfortunately, sometimes, companies in the Bay Area and other parts of the United States allow sexual harassment to persist, even though such behavior violates federal and state law. Employees who have been subjected to sexual harassment therefore may choose to file harassment claims against their employers. Based on their unique situations, these employees may end up receiving back pay, financial damages and other appropriate remedies, such as related legal relief.

Source:, “Former waitress files sexual harassment suit against Main Event Entertainment“, Karen Robinson-Jacobs, April 13, 2018