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Sexual harassment suit filed against city and mayor

A city and mayor in another state are the subjects of a recent lawsuit filed in federal court that alleges harassment on the basis of sex. According to the woman who filed the suit, she faced sexual harassment after requesting a longer shift. Anybody in the Bay Area who faces this type of harassment in the workplace has the right to seek to hold his or her alleged harasser accountable.

The woman who filed the recent lawsuit claimed that she requested eight hours of work per day instead of the six she had been getting as a city meter officer. However, the city mayor whom she sued reportedly told her that she could receive more hours if she got underneath his desk. Three months later, the woman was allegedly told that her job was at risk.

The mayor has denied these allegations. In fact, he claimed that the motivation behind the suit was to hurt his bid for the mayoral post in the upcoming November election. However, the woman is still claiming sex discrimination and is seeking compensation as part of her lawsuit.

Being asked to engage in sexual behavior to receive favors on the job is illegal, but unfortunately, this type of conduct still occurs throughout the United States, which includes the Bay Area. Fortunately, those who have faced sexual harassment in the workplace have the right to file legal claims. Remedies in a successfully fought suit may include the reinstatement of a job or even monetary relief depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

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