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Female producer files sexual harassment suit

A segment producer who worked on a couple of major reality shows recently filed a suit against five producers, a production company and Warner Bros., alleging that she was harassed in a sexual manner while on the job. Sexual harassment is illegal in the Bay Area. For this reason, those who are victims of it in California have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

In the producer’s case, she claimed that the individuals around her repeatedly questioned her about her sexual activities. This happened most often while she was working on shows for the 2016 season. In fact, five producers allegedly asked graphic questions frequently, such as whether her vagina was shaved and if she had ever played with testicles.

The producer claimed that she was reared a Christian, so the questions did not make her feel comfortable. However, her co-workers allegedly pushed her even more in an effort to see her become embarrassed. After she complained about the behavior to a producer, she was reportedly left out of production meetings and ended up doing menial tasks for her supervisors. She was eventually told she would be terminated.

As part of her lawsuit, the woman is seeking damages associated with a hostile work environment and sexual harassment. She is also seeking damages for the company’s failure to keep her from being harassed, as well as for employer retaliation, sex discrimination, wrongful termination and the company’s efforts to intentionally inflict emotional distress. An understanding of what facts must be proved is likely important to prevail in this type of case in the Bay Area.

Source:, “Former Bachelor segment producer files sexual harassment lawsuit against Warner Bros.“, Sam Barsanti, Oct. 30, 2017