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Sexual harassment suit settled for more than $10 million

Four women at a Ford plant in another state accused the company of allowing a hostile environment in which they were sexually harassed. They thus filed a lawsuit back in 2014. Ford recently agreed to pay as much as over $10 million to settle this lawsuit. Any employee in the Bay Area or other areas of the country have the right to take legal action if they experience sexual harassment on the job.

In the recent out-of-state case, the four female employees who filed the lawsuit back in 2014 claimed that male co-workers exposed their genitals to them in an effort to harass them, requested sexual favors of them and groped them. In addition, supervisors reportedly told the female workers to ignore these sexual harassment instances. They are said to have also retaliated against any person who complained about them, which included dismissing them from the work assignments that were desirable.

As part of its $10.1 million settlement of the female workers’ lawsuit, Ford agreed to take the necessary steps to keep sexual harassment from happening again in the future. This includes distributing copies of anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies at work and conducting training. The company said it voluntarily decided to resolve the issue without admitting liability in order to avoid a lengthy dispute.

It is illegal for companies in the Bay Area and elsewhere to allow their co-workers to be sexually harassed on the job. Unfortunately, this still happens. Anyone who has faced workplace sexual harassment has the right to file a claim against the company that allowed the behavior to occur. Remedies such as monetary relief may result from a successfully fought suit.

Source:, “Ford settles sexual harassment lawsuit at Chicago Assembly Plant for $10.1 million“, Joseph S. Pete, Aug. 17, 2017