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Federal sexual harassment suit filed against 2 IHOPs

Workers of two IHOP eateries in two different cities claimed they were harassed in a sexual manner on the job. They have therefore decided to file a federal sexual harassment suit against the franchises. When employees in the Bay Area and elsewhere experience this type of harassment in the workplace, it is within their rights to seek to hold their employers accountable.

In the out-of-state case, 11-plus IHOP workers at one of the two locations, all female, claimed they had to endure sexual touching, gestures and comments that were offensive. The alleged incidents occurred from 2011 to 2013 and led to an abusive and hostile working environment. In addition, a male worker at the second location claimed that the general manager of the restaurant groped him and made unwelcome sexual comments and propositions.

According to the suit, the party who owned the franchises did not investigate these incidents or correct this behavior. Two of the first restaurant’s workers ended up resigning due to the work environment. As part of the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are asking for the two restaurants’ owner and mangers, who are related, to put into practice and enforce policy that would eradicate any sexist behavior in the eateries.

The plaintiffs are also requesting monetary relief so as to eliminate the negative impacts of the restaurants’ illegal behavior. Sexual harassment unfortunately still happens at companies across the United States, including in the Bay Area, even though it is illegal. However, victims of it may file harassment claims, with successfully litigated claims potentially leading to monetary damages, back pay and other related legal relief.

Source:, “Alton, Glen Carbon IHOPs sued for sexual harassment”, Kara Berg, Sept. 20, 2017