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September 2017 Archives

3 restaurant workers sue Trump International Hotel for racism

California workers who are experiencing racial discrimination might sympathize with the allegations made by three black restaurant workers who filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Trump International Hotel. Their court filings indicate that management gave them undesirable shifts, mistreated them and allowed racist comments to go unchallenged.

Signs ageism might be present in the workplace

While most California businesses do not actively try to discriminate against older workers, ageism can be particularly difficult to spot for those who are not being discriminated against. Regardless, ageism can be a major issue for employees as it can cause workers to mentally disengage from their jobs or even leave the workplace. Because losing workers with valuable skills and experience can cause problems for businesses, employers should be aware of the signs of ageism so that they can put a stop to it.

Workers continue to face racial discrimination on the job

Employment discrimination isn't a thing of the past for black and Latino workers in California and throughout the United States. Research has shown that these minority groups continue to face unfair and inequitable circumstances in the workplace that can seem insurmountable at times.

Sexual harassment in California federal workplaces

Federal workers around the country are less likely to encounter sexual harassment in the workplace today than they were in the past according to the results of a survey by the Merit Systems Protection Board, but the quasi-judicial independent agency found that inappropriate sexual behavior and language in government workplaces is still alarmingly common and most often directed at female employees. The MSPB, which protects federal employees from abusive practices and partisan politics in the workplace, conducted its survey in 2016.

LGBTQ group petitions Supreme Court about workplace rights

California has been an epicenter for the development of rights for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. Lambda Legal, a group that advocates for LGBTQ rights, has partnered with the Stanford Supreme Court Litigation Clinic to petition the Supreme Court of the United States. They want the justices to review a decision from a federal appeals court that interpreted Title VII of the Civil Rights Act as not preventing discrimination against gays, lesbians and bisexuals at work.

Physical therapists report high rates of sexual harassment

Physical therapists in California may be likely to face sexual harassment from their patients. In a study that surveyed nearly 900 physical therapists and students, 84 percent reported sexual harassment at work, and nearly half said they had experienced it in the past year. Women comprised around 80 percent of respondents, and 60 percent of them worked with patients who had cognitive impairments such as brain injury or dementia. Psychological consequences of harassment included depression, anxiety, fear and guilt.

Ann Taylor settles California wage and hour suit for $3.5 million

A retail job is hard work. Anyone who works in a national chain store like Target or Walmart, a local family-owned shop, or anything in between knows that it frequently involves long hours on your feet helping customers, restocking shelves or other duties. As the service industry continues to dominate the U.S. economy, more and more people in California will spend at least part of their lives working retail.

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