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Workers continue to face racial discrimination on the job

Employment discrimination isn’t a thing of the past for black and Latino workers in California and throughout the United States. Research has shown that these minority groups continue to face unfair and inequitable circumstances in the workplace that can seem insurmountable at times.

Academic research from major institutions across the country, including Harvard and Northwestern, have shown that hiring discrimination against Blacks occurs just as pervasively as it did in 1989. Latinos have experienced only a moderate decrease in workplace discrimination during that time.

Research showed that white job applicants receive 34 percent more callbacks than black applicants and 24 percent more callbacks than Latinos. At the point of hire, the first point of entry into the job market, some of the most significant discrimination can take place. It is almost impossible to move up in the workplace if one is inhibited from finding a job to begin with.

In addition, fewer interviews and callbacks mean that black and Latino applicants receive fewer offers and therefore have less leverage in salary negotiations. This, of course, can mean reduced compensation across the board. Education doesn’t close the gap, either. In fact, blacks and whites with advanced college degrees have a greater wealth gap than in sectors with less advanced education. A lack of generational wealth can play a major role in this regard, as black and Latino students may be more likely to need larger student loans and to financially support older generations of their families.

Employment discrimination due to race, gender, disability, religion, age and other relevant factors is unlawful. An employment lawyer can help people who have been subject to discrimination pursue their rights, from filing complaints with relevant government agencies to potentially pursuing legal action against a company.