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Tesla allegedly fired woman for claiming sexual harassment

Tesla is a California company that wants to shape the future. However, the experiences of some of its female employees appear to be mired in the prejudices of the past. One female employee has filed a lawsuit against the company. She claims that the company fired her after a media outlet published her allegations of sexual harassment in the Tesla workplace.

The woman described a work environment where male co-workers earned higher wages than her. She also accused the company of passing her over for promotions. Harassment from male co-workers took place as well, and the company allegedly showed no inclination to address the behavior.

According to a statement from Tesla, an independent third-party investigation disagreed with her complaints. Other female employees who spoke up at a company gathering, however, shared stories that mirrored those of the fired woman. They said that they endured cat-calling in the workplace and that male managers displayed sexist attitudes in their treatment of women.

Unfortunately, many workers are targets of sexual harassment. An attorney could offer insights to a victim about how to respond to unwanted sexual advances, lewd comments or retaliation after making complaints at work. To build a case, an attorney could collect evidence such as payroll records, employee evaluations, testimony from co-workers and internal company communications. After preparing the paperwork for the court, an attorney could approach the employer and ask for a settlement to cover damages such as lost pay and damage to career potential. If pretrial negotiations do not succeed, an attorney could present the information to a jury and seek compensation through a court.