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July 2017 Archives

Justice Department says no discrimination in gay firing case

The LGBTQ communities of California and the rest of the nation do not have specific protection under employment law, according to the Justice Department. The department stepped into a civil discrimination lawsuit in July to give its opinion to the question of whether sex discrimination includes sexual orientation discrimination.

Major sporting goods retailer sued for racial harassment

One of the biggest sporting goods retailers in California and across the western part of the country is facing a lawsuit alleging racial harassment. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has accused Big 5 Sporting Goods of allowing racial harassment and retaliatory discipline against a Black employee training to become a manager.

Tesla allegedly fired woman for claiming sexual harassment

Tesla is a California company that wants to shape the future. However, the experiences of some of its female employees appear to be mired in the prejudices of the past. One female employee has filed a lawsuit against the company. She claims that the company fired her after a media outlet published her allegations of sexual harassment in the Tesla workplace.

Women of color in science fields face more discrimination

Women of color in California and across the country who work in some of the most advanced scientific fields continue to experience hostile environments based on their race and gender, a study has found. Their experience in the workplace underlies some of the key theories through which scholars understand discrimination, particularly the "double jeopardy" of both racial and gender harassment.

How back pay damages are determined

Some California employees who are involved in a dispute with their employer over workplace discrimination might have heard of back pay damages. Back pay damages are the amount an employer may be required to pay to cover an employee's economic losses. This may include both income and fringe benefits. Back pay damages may be awarded in several types of successful discrimination suits.

2 news stories on sexual harassment rock Silicon Valley

For decades, women working in California's tech industry region Silicon Valley have suffered sexual harassment and gender discrimination, with little done to solve the problem. Now, in a dramatic couple of weeks, attitudes toward harassment in this male-dominated field seem to be suddenly changing.

Executives often lack protection from discrimination

Workplace discrimination suits face legal hurdles when the plaintiff is a high-level executive or a partner at a California firm. To qualify for protection from discrimination under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, a person must be an employee instead of an employer. For people who hold positions of authority and power, the law might classify them as employers.

Settlement reaffirms civil rights law protects immigrants

A discrimination case against a national restaurant chain ended in a settlement with the business paying a hefty fine and establishing a fund for workers who suffered adverse effects. California-based Panda Express, which has an estimated 30,000 workers across the nation, ran afoul of the Immigration and Nationality Act when it asked workers for certain documents and put them through procedures that citizens were not subject to.

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