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Actress comes forward as victim of sexual harassment

Bay Area workers expect to be treated with respect and fairness on the job. Employers are responsible for making sure that the workplace is a safe environment for all employees. If an employee complains sexual harassment, the employer or a person in charge, such as a manager, should take the claims seriously and take appropriate action to protect the worker.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment occurs in every type of industry. Recently, an actress on a popular television show went public with allegations that she was sexually harassed on numerous work-related occasions. Afton Williamson, who was one of the stars of the show “The Rookie,” quit after her pleas for help to her supervisor went seemingly unanswered.

The show, still in its first season, quickly became a favorite among viewers, but Williamson warns viewers that the work environment she was expected to tolerate was unsafe. She claims that even after reporting sexual harassment, assault and racism to the appropriate people at work, nothing was done and the matter was not even properly investigated. She became so frustrated that she decided to quit and go public, in an attempt to protect herself and other employees.

When a Bay Area employee becomes a victim of similar abuse at work, he or she may want to take action. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a client bring an employer to justice in a court of law. When an employer violates the rights of an employee, the employee may be entitled to monetary damages for the suffering an employer caused and/or failed to prevent.