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Victims of wage and hour violations finally get justice

Bay Area employees work hard for their wages. Especially in uncertain economic climates, finding and maintaining steady employment can feel like a job in and of itself. When an employer fails to pay a worker properly, the employee becomes the victim of wage and hour violations. This can be a devastating blow to an employee, both financially and mentally. 

Recently, the federal arm of the Department of Labor fined a supermarket for wage and hour violations. The supermarket was also found to have been negligent in the record-keeping concerning payroll. Unfortunately, not all employees were taken care of by the federal action. 

The state of New Jersey launched its own investigation and found that the federal action failed to make whole at least nine employees who had been paid cash. The state’s Department of Labor took further action against the supermarket, and when the dust settled, about $133,000 was paid out to the wronged workers. The state made it clear that such an error is considered theft and will not be tolerated. 

When a Bay Area employee becomes the victim of wage and hour violations, he or she may want to take legal action against his or her employer. Not being paid properly can cause undue stress to a person who may have to scramble to pay his or her bills, and this is unfair when an employee has worked hard for his or her paycheck. An experienced attorney may be just the ticket. An attorney can help a client bring an employer to justice in a court of law, and help ensure that an employee is able to collect the money that he or she is rightfully owed for his or her hard work.