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Coast Guard cadets report rampant sexual harassment

Bay Area residents know that the men and women who serve our country in the United States Coast Guard do their best to keep our waters safe. The Coast Guard assists with everything from law enforcement to rescues. Recently, it has come to light than many of the brave men and women who enter the Coast Guard have experienced sexual harassment.

The report indicates that nearly half of the female cadets have experienced sexual harassment on the job. It should be noted, however, that many male cadets, as many as 17%, report being victimized as well. Sexual harassment is not just a “female problem,” and this recent news illustrates that any person can unfortunately become the victim of such unfair and inappropriate treatment.

A congressional investigation has been launched to try to gather more information about the situation. So far, there is evidence that the abuse ranges from inappropriate comments to sexual assault, often in the form of unwanted physical contact. When an individual is the victim of sexual harassment, he or she may not even want to go to work anymore, and it can be frightening to consider facing an abuser in court.

Bay Area employees who find themselves in a similar situation may want to take action but might not know what to do. Fortunately, a victim can consult a compassionate attorney who will fight to protect his or her rights and bring an abuser to justice in a court of law. An employee deserves to feel safe and protected in the work place, and an attorney can help ensure that the abuse comes to an end so a person can pursue his or her chosen career.