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Teacher cries foul after wrongful termination

Most employees work hard, and when the time clock is punched, people look forward to spending their off time in the way they choose. A recent story exposes how a teacher in the Bay Area was mistreated by her employer after her employer took issue with a personal choice she made. The incident is raising questions about wrongful termination across the United States. 

The ordeal began when the woman, a teacher at a private school, was featured on one of her favorite websites. The website features people who pose in a way some may consider to be racy or inappropriate, but the woman was not nude. The photo went along with an interview in which she answered questions about her political views. 

The school where the woman was employed took issue with the photo. She was fired shortly after via email. The woman is suing for wrongful termination and is seeking monetary damages to cover things like lost wages and legal fees. She feels her employer had no right to fire her because of a personal choice that had nothing to do with her job. 

If a Bay Area employee is facing a similar situation, he or she may want to take legal action. It can be nerve-wracking to stand up to an employer in court. Many victims of wrongful termination choose to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client fight for justice and protect his or her rights, as well as the rights of other employees. People deserve to express themselves and maintain a private life outside of work, and being fired for doing so is unfair.