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Reports of wage and hour violations spread at Trump resort

Donald Trump has made the headlines again, but this time, his politics are not the focus. California has its share of golf courses, country clubs and the like, and Bay Area residents can rest assured employees at such establishments are known to work very hard to provide patrons with an enjoyable experience. Recently, one such place, owned by the Trump Organization, has come under fire in an investigation focusing on wage and hour violations

The trouble began when a former employee, an undocumented worker, reported that he had worked long hours, including hours that should have been paid as overtime, and was not properly compensated. He stated that he was not the only undocumented worker at the establishment, and that many employees like himself were denied proper wages and many of the benefits that were offered to documented workers. According to reports, the undocumented workers were responsible for the same sort of tasks as the other employees but were not paid the same. 

Whistleblowers state that the resort management was aware of the situation. Apparently, the discrepancy was an attempt to cut costs while making the books appear properly kept. Because the employees in question were undocumented, which management knew upon the hiring of these employees, it did not raise as many red flags as it would have if documented workers were treated in the same fashion. 

If a Bay Area worker suspects he or she has become the victim of wage and hour violations at his or her place of employment, he or she may want to take action. In many cases, a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney can help get the ball rolling. An attorney can help a client understand the legal process necessary to bring an employer to justice, and help a client explore the possibility of collecting any monetary compensation a court may deem appropriate for his or her suffering.