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Pregnancy discrimination still rampant in the workplace

For many women, the news that they are expecting a baby can cause them to be overjoyed. These days, it is certainly within the norm for Bay Area mothers to have a career. Even though there are laws in place to prevent pregnancy discrimination, a recent glance into the matter shows that it is still a major concern among working expectant mothers. 

One chief concern seems to be among women who work in a field that requires physical labor, such as lifting heavy objects. For many of these women, a task they were perfectly capable of doing upon hire becomes nearly impossible as pregnancy progresses, especially if such activity is discouraged by one’s doctor. Some women ask their employers for light duty work until such time their regular tasks can be safely completed, but not all employers are happy to oblige. 

Some women report that they were put on unpaid leave after making such a request. An employer may say that there are no other tasks available for a pregnant employee, leaving a woman to choose between the health of her unborn child and her career. Some even report being let go for unrelated reasons after making such a request. 

If a Bay Area employee feels she has become the victim of pregnancy discrimination at her place of work, she may certainly feel as if she has been treated unfairly. In many cases, a victim may choose to bring an experienced attorney on board to help take her case to a court of law. The court can help ensure that an employee is not left in the lurch just because she is with child, and help a mother feel confident that she will be able to provide for her child in the future.