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University faces wrongful termination suit

Spring has sprung in the Bay Area, and hard-working residents are looking forward to spring break. Especially for employees of colleges and universities, where students are given time off from studies, a few days off is a welcome prospect. Unfortunately, one man was given a permanent break, and now he is bringing a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer. 

The man was employed at UC Berkeley. He was an administrator in a department dealing with earth sciences. He received notice that he was being terminated, on the nondescript grounds that he was not a good fit. 

The man was confused, and by all accounts, was unaware of any issue that may have been a reason for his employment to end. He realized he was the only black employee, and quickly suspected his termination was racially motivated. He was fired right before he was to attend a meeting to discuss sexual harassment that female students had reported to him. He feels he was terminated in an attempt to hide the incidents. 

When hard working Bay Area employees lose a job for reasons they feel are unfounded or unfair, they may feel angry and hurt. Many people choose to bring an experienced attorney on board to help in the quest for justice. An attorney can help a client hold a former employer responsible for unfair treatment such as wrongful termination, helping to vindicate the employee and protect others from suffering a similarly unjust fate at work. Employees have rights, and laws are in place to protect them.