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Wrongful termination? Action can be taken

Bay Area employees might know how stressful it can be to hear that the job they work so hard to keep is ending due to circumstances beyond their control. Often, administrative issues or budget constraints can cost employees lower down the chain their jobs. Sometimes, it turns out that the jobs could have been sustained for employees if proper action had been taken, and in these cases, parties may want to consider filing a wrongful termination suit. 

Recently, a health department in another state claimed that, due to budget issues, about 200 employees would be let go. Some were encouraged to take early retirement, while others were simply terminated. The health department in question did not close down, and employees from neighboring health departments were sent to cover the shifts of the employees who were let go. 

Upon investigation, however, it was determined that the health department could have easily kept the employees on the payroll had large amounts of money not been mismanaged. When the jilted employees learned this news, many were understandably upset. Now, they are taking action against their former employer by way of a wrongful termination suit. 

When a hard-working Bay Area employee becomes the victim of wrongful termination, he or she may want to take action against the company responsible. Help is available in the form of an experienced attorney versed in employment law. An attorney can help a wronged employee take his or her case to court and make sure that an employer is held to the standard prescribed by law, allowing justice to be served.