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Wage and hour violations discovered at wireless retailer

Most Bay Area residents have come to rely on smart phones for many tasks that were once considered tedious. These days, anything from checking the weather to paying a bill can be done with a simple click or swipe. Technology seems to be constantly updating, and certainly seems to be the way of the future, but the industry still relies on hard-working employees to sell plans and devices, or help a customer in person. Recently, wage and hour violations against such employees were discovered. 

An investigation by the Department of Labor revealed that employees at several locations of a wireless franchise were not being paid properly. Though the violations affected workers in many states, the franchises where the violations occurred were owned by the same parent company, Fast Frontier LLC. The Department of Labor became involved after finding evidence that employees were paid a flat hourly wage, no matter how many hours an employee spent on the job. This violates federal overtime laws.

As investigators dug a bit deeper, they discovered that the company had sub par bookkeeping and was unable to provide evidence that employees had been properly paid. Many employees were also entitled to be paid commissions and had not received them. In at least two cases, employees did not even receive the final paychecks they were owed. 

If a Bay Area employee suspects that he or she has become the victim of wage and hour violations, he or she may want to take action against the employer at fault. Sometimes, it can be difficult for an employee to know how to speak up. In such cases, it may be a good idea to consult an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a client explore the proper avenues to hold a guilty employer legally responsible and collect any monetary judgement an employee may be rightly owed.