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Sexual harassment takes flight

Bay Area residents may be among the millions of Americans who have boarded an airplane, bound for a far-off destination. While many find air travel to be an enjoyable experience — and it certainly can be, a new report reveals what seems to be a hidden world of sexual harassment. The New York Times, considered by many to be a beloved and reputable news source, broke the story. 

After months of interviews and investigation, the report revealed that, while it may sound improbable, sexual harassment is not altogether uncommon on a plane. Both airline employees and passengers have reported suffering such abuses in the air. Further shocking, it seems many such incidents go unreported. 

Perhaps this is because, until a plane touches down, there is often no law enforcement to whom to report the crime. Some flight attendants say that the police were called less than half of the times a report was made in flight. Some victims have even taken to social media to vent their frustration and warn others of the potential danger. 

When a Bay Area resident becomes the victim of sexual harassment, he or she may not know what to do. Dealing with the emotional turmoil of sexual abuse can be overwhelming. In many cases, victims choose to bring a compassionate attorney on board. An attorney can help a sexual harassment victim speak up and hold the person responsible for the crime accountable in a court of law. Employees should be allowed to feel safe and secure on the job, and when someone violates that right, a victim may be entitled to collect damages or compensation for the suffering he or she was forced to endure.