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Pregnancy discrimination is unlawful: What to do if it happens

Having a baby is typically an exciting, joyful time in a woman’s life. It can definitely be challenging, as well, in more ways than one. However, a problem no pregnant woman in California or elsewhere should have to face is losing a job because of pregnancy discrimination.

Employers who discriminate against pregnant women are violating U.S. employment laws. It is often a struggle to balance family life and career simultaneously. The last thing an expectant mother needs is to worry that she will lose her job if she tells her boss she is pregnant. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act protects pregnant women from negative workplace treatment that impedes their ability to earn a fair wage based on a temporary condition.

An employer cannot refuse to hire a woman simply because she is pregnant if she is able to perform the tasks associated with the job position. Employers must treat pregnant women temporarily unable to carry out certain duties in the workplace the same as they would any other temporarily disabled worker.  Many women have experienced biased treatment regarding health insurance provided by their employers, as well as other pregnancy-related issues in the workplace. Such situations can be quite stressful, thus placing a mother and unborn child at risk for numerous adverse health conditions.

Any California worker who has fallen victim to pregnancy discrimination in the workplace may take immediate action to rectify the situation. A logical first step would be to request a consultation with an experienced employment law attorney. Such support makes it easier to devise a strategy and plan for seeking justice.