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Garment industry wrought with wage and hour violations

For many Bay Area employees, the prospect of keeping a full-time job can be stressful. People who are fortunate enough to have found steady employment in such uncertain economic times may not be aware that they are entitled to certain rights. An employee that suspects he or she is not being paid properly may worry that, if he or she complains, the employer will make trouble at work or fire him or her. Wage and hour violations continue to plague the American workforce, and the garment industry is no exception.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Labor has required several employers in the garment industry to pay over $1.5 million dollars in back wages to employees. The action was taken when the Department discovered that some employees were being paid an hourly wage below the federal minimum of $7.25. Other employees worked well beyond their set hours and yet received no overtime pay.

The United States has strict laws in place to protect hard-working people. Employers that do not comply are subject to fines and penalties. Sometimes, in an effort to avoid being caught for violations, an employer may attempt to bully an employee into staying quiet, even threatening to fire someone who complains under false pretenses.

Bay Area employees who have been wronged should not fear. The law is on the side of the worker. An employee who feels his or her employer has committed wage and hour violations may want to take action. In these situations, an experienced attorney can be of great importance. An attorney can stand by a client during all parts of the legal process, helping an employee ensure that justice is served in a court of law, and assist them in collecting any back wages or other compensation to which he or she may be entitled.