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Death of a child leads to wrongful termination

Bay Area employees may have found themselves in a situation in which the actions of a co-worker raised concerns. This can be a tricky situation. An employee may want to inform a supervisor that a co-worker has done something questionable, but fear unfair repercussions. This is exactly what happened when two doctors spoke out about the death of a child, and they are now fighting wrongful termination

The trouble began when a small boy died during surgery. Two other doctors at the hospital suspected that the doctor attending the birth had been careless. They spoke to supervisors, saying that the procedure did not go as it should have, and that the child’s death could have easily been prevented. 

The doctor in question seemed to be a bit of a favorite among hospital supervisors. He immediately turned on the doctors that reported him, going so far as to accuse one of doing drugs at work. The doctors that reported the man were fired, despite the fact that drug tests came up negative for any signs of drug use. 

If a Bay Area employee feels he or she may have a case for a wrongful termination lawsuit, an experienced employment law attorney can help. An employee should not be punished for simply doing his or her job. With a little help, a wrongfully terminated employee can seek justice in court. There are laws and regulations in place to protect employees in similar situations, but it can be confusing to know how to proceed and a compassionate employment law attorney may be just the ticket.