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Woman looks to fight for herself and other whistleblowers

Bay Area residents are aware that their local police and rescue dispatchers are an essential part of their community. Often the first people to become aware of a crime or emergency, these hardworking individuals are tasked with getting help to a victim as quickly as possible. It takes a good amount of training to provide this necessary service to any community, and one woman is now fighting what she feels was a wrongful termination on behalf of herself and other whistleblowers.

The woman states that she was fired after a bogus internal affairs investigation. She was working as a dispatcher for a police station — a job she had held successfully for many years. The trouble began when the woman raised concerns that new hires were being thrown into the action without proper training. 

She told her superiors that many of the novice dispatchers posed a safety risk because they were unable to complete multiple tasks at the same time, as is often required in a shift. Instead of looking into these concerns, supervisors — she claims — cooked up reasons to terminate her. A judge agrees that the situation is suspicious, and will allow the case to continue in court. 

Bay area employees may be in a similar situation at their place of employment. Whistleblowers may feel that the right thing to do is to call attention to wrongdoing that puts employees at risk, but they may fear retaliation on the part of an employer. An experienced attorney can help protect people in this predicament by ensuring that their rights are protected as they prepare to argue their case before a judge.