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Principal plans to fight wrongful termination

Bay Area families are aware of the important role educators and school district employees can play in the lives of local children. Not everything taught in schools can be found in a book, and one former school principal is fighting to show children the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of pressure from superiors. The woman, who by all accounts truly cared for the children she was responsible for, has gone public with her story of her own wrongful termination

The woman says the trouble began when a new library was under construction, set to be a resource for the children in the school. There was confusion over whether the school or the district was responsible for funding the construction, and for months, the bill went unpaid and became delinquent. She made the decision to use donation monies available for discretionary use to pay the bill and get the library project back on track. 

Her superiors decided that they did not approve of her actions. According to the woman, they quietly encouraged her to vacate her position, trying to bribe her with a severance package. When she refused, she was fired, apparently on the grounds that she had misused donation money. She has decided to file a wrongful termination suit, because she was mortified when her superiors encouraged her to lie to the children, and the general public, regarding her dismissal. 

Bay Area employees may feel they have been mistreated by an employer but are confused about how to speak out. In many cases, an experienced attorney can be of assistance. An attorney can help a client as he or she argues his or her wrongful termination case in a court of law, and help ensure that, at last, justice is served.