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New study uncovers wage and hour violations

Bay Area residents could likely point an inquiring visitor to a local nail salon with no trouble at all. Nail salons are a community staple and, for some customers, a weekly stop. Many of these establishments offer a variety of services, like manicures, pedicures, eyebrow shaping and more, all meant to make a customer feel their best. A shocking study has sadly revealed that for employees of such salons, wage and hour violations are rampant. 

Statistically, many of the employees of the various nail salons are women, and the industry also employs many workers that have come from foreign countries. The study, performed by researchers at UCLA, attests that these employees are often so thankful to have a job, they are afraid to complain when their rights are violated by an employer. The majority of these employees are classified as “low wage workers.” 

Perhaps the most shocking revelation was that nearly 90 percent of the employees are not paid for overtime work. Since these employees often work long hours, this can take a toll on the employees’ families. It is estimated that 81 percent of them are female, and one third are listed as head of household. Many have young children to care for, and being cheated out of money they have properly earned is unacceptable. 

Finally, the study concludes that when asked, most of the employees feel they are being wronged, but are afraid or unaware of what to do to fix the violations. In these cases, an attorney that is familiar with handling cases pertaining to wage and hour violations might be a good option. Bay Area employees deserve fair treatment, and when an employer violates their rights, an attorney can help them seek justice in a court of law.