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California port truckers allege minimum wage violations

Six port truckers working for the trucking company, California Cartage Express, are alleging that their employer is violating minimum wage laws. According to the lawsuit, the workers claim that the company is not paying employees for at least one hour of work per day.

The drivers are calling for an investigation of the entire company by the Los Angeles Office of Wage Standards. They believe the Office of Wage Standards will find the company is violating California minimum wage laws.

The truckers are claiming the company misclassifies them as independent contractors. As opposed to full-time employees, minimum wage laws do not always apply to contractors. Contractors at the company are also not eligible for time off or health benefits.

According to a recent article, the company pays contractors using a “piece-rate system.” This system of payment generally only pays drivers for moving shipments of cargo. Often, it does not pay workers for time spent on other daily activities, such as maintenance, cleaning, inspections or other repairs.

California Cartage already paid over $3.5 million in back wages to misclassified employees earlier this year. However, the company denies the recent allegations. The company also claims that most of the contractors do not want to become full-time employees.

There are currently around 100 truckers working for the California Cartage that this lawsuit might affect. If the Office of Wage Standards finds the company is in violation of labor laws, wages for truck drivers at California Cartage and around the State might be affected.