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Sexual harassment suit against culinary star settled

A contestant on Top Chef, Mike Isabella, recently settled a lawsuit alleging that he sexually harassed a former worker. Other partners in the man’s hospitality group were also accused of engaging in sexual harassment in the lawsuit. Individuals in the Bay Area and elsewhere who are sexually harassed in the workplace likewise have the right to seek to hold their harassers accountable through the civil court system.

In the case involving Isabella, the plaintiff asserted that the culinary star and his partners touched her without permission. In addition, they reportedly critiqued and ogled her body parts audibly in front of her. The woman furthermore claimed that she was called foul names and that Isabella even chased her from the eatery in a frightening manner.

The woman decided to sue these parties for $4 million back in March. Since that time, Isabella has had to close restaurants and even lost his publicist due to his tarnished reputation. However, the lawsuit was recently settled, and Isabella agreed to institute strong sexual harassment training in his workplaces. He also stated that he would adopt the types of policies needed to encourage harassment-free work environments.

Unfortunately, even though sexual harassment is illegal, some companies allow it to happen on their premises. Understandably, employees in the Bay Area do not have to tolerate this type of behavior. Instead, they are entitled to file harassment claims against their employers, seeking damages. Depending on their particular situations, they may receive such remedies as back pay or other monetary damages.

Source:, “Mike Isabella Settles Sex-Harassment Lawsuit at Restaurants“, Clint Rainey, May 7, 2018