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Restaurant found guilty of wage and hour violations.

The restaurant industry is one of the largest fields of employment in the Bay Area. Many would agree that working in the food service industry can be an exciting and prosperous experience. Unfortunately, working in a restaurant can leave an employee vulnerable to becoming the victim of wage and hour violations.

Recently, the Department of Labor investigated Meers Restaurant and, upon doing so, concluded that the establishment was guilty of violating labor laws. Investigators found that Meers was expecting bussers to survive on tips alone, without paying them an hourly wage. The restaurant was also found to be out of compliance with child labor laws.

Meers has been ordered to pay the 84 wronged employees $335,687 in back wages and damages. The Department of Labor insisted that the employees were entitled to a fair wage by law, and that the restaurant did not have the right to withhold what they had rightfully earned. The DOL has not only decided to make things right on the behalf of the victim employees, but to also make certain that the restaurant owners now understand how to comply with federal labor laws, in an effort to avoid future violations.

If a Bay Area worker suspects that he or she may have been mistreated by an employer, legal recourse may be available. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for a wronged employee to know where to seek help concerning wage and hour violations. Fortunately, a suffering employee can decide to enlist the aid of an attorney who is knowledgeable in employment law. This may make the process of seeking justice a less daunting task, and can help ensure that hard-working individuals get the payments they deserve.

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