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Abercrombie & Fitch faces wrongful termination suit

A former high-end salesperson recently claimed that he was mistreated on the job and then wrongfully fired. He has since decided to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against his former employer. According to the man, he was terminated due to being Asian, which is illegal in the Bay Area and across the entire United States.

The man filed the federal suit against the retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. in late April. According to the suit, he was fired in retaliation for his grievances regarding the discrimination he faced. The man, who is Vietnamese, claims that the store managers mocked his accent constantly, which caused him considerable stress and embarrassment.

The plaintiff additionally alleges that his superiors made comments insinuating that he emitted a foul smell. In fact, they allegedly sprayed air fresheners in his direction. Meanwhile, workers who were not Vietnamese or Asian did not receive the same treatment. According to the lawsuit, when the plaintiff brought the matter to the attention of the company’s human resource department, he was fired.

As part of his wrongful termination lawsuit, the man is seeking a trial by jury as well as an unspecified amount in financial damages. Unfortunately, some employers in the Bay Area and elsewhere illegally terminate their employees, but fortunately, this is grounds for litigation. Of course, no two wrongful termination cases are the same. An experienced employment law attorney in California can assess one’s case and provide the guidance needed to prevail in this type of civil case.

Source:, “Former customer service rep hits Abercrombie & Fitch with suit alleging racial discrimination, wrongful termination“, John Suayan, May 1, 2018