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December 2017 Archives

Social media criticized for excluding older job seekers

A recently released study suggests that some of the largest employers in California and around the country use social media sites like Facebook to make their job listings available only to members of certain demographic groups. Online platforms allow advertisers to target their messages by screening for factors such as gender and age, but labor advocates say that using these filters when available jobs are being posted violates federal laws, including the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967.

EEOC has filed few lawsuits over harassment complaints

Sexual harassment is unfortunately too common in workplaces throughout California. Victims of sexual harassment at work are protected by both state and federal laws. To file a lawsuit against an employer for sexual harassment, a victim may need to take certain steps, such as notifying their human resources department and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). According to recent reports, the EEOC has filed few lawsuits over the sexual harassment claims it has received.

How women experience harassment at work

Women in California and throughout the country may feel as if they are discriminated against in the workplace. That was one of the finding of a Pew Research poll of 4,914 adults conducted during July and August 2017. Specifically, 42 percent of respondents said that they were passed over for a job in favor of a male worker or paid less than a male worker in a similar position.

Celebrity chef accused of sexual harassment

California residents, like people across the United States, have likely seen the news reports of late detailing alleged sexual harassment by men in positions of power. These men work in a variety of fields, ranging from the entertainment industry to the business world and politics. Recently, another name was added to the list of men who were accused and admitted to engaging in sexual harassment. Renowned Chef Mario Batali has been accused of sexual misconduct and harassment by numerous women, many of whom made their accusations anonymously.

Man wins wrongful termination case

Some companies in California might struggle to prove that they are in the right when terminating an employee for harassment. Universal Music Publishing Group fired a division head after a report that the head had hit a female employee in the face with rolled-up paper. Even though there was a witness to the incident, the fired employee sued and won. The success of his case primarily hinged on the fact that the company did not mention its workplace violence policy in his contract.

Strategies for employers to reduce discrimination and harassment

The stream of headlines about high-profile people and celebrities accused of sexual harassment suggests that the misconduct could be widespread at workplaces in California. These accusations about famous people typically included employers who turned a blind eye to ongoing harassment. This highlights the need for companies to foster a culture that discourages harassment and discrimination and promptly addresses allegations.

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