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Woman files pregnancy discrimination suit against town

A police officer in another state recently claimed she was discriminated against on the basis of her being pregnant. She has therefore filed a pregnancy discrimination against her employer, the town for which she worked. Anyone who is mistreated in the Bay Area simply because she is pregnant has the right to pursue justice through the civil court system.

The woman in the recent out-of-state case reported that she had worked as a school resource officer and a patrol officer for four years. After becoming pregnant for the first time, her physician told her it would be in her best interest to perform an office role instead. However, the town reportedly forced the woman to go on leave without pay instead.

The woman claimed that the town told her that it did not have a light-duty role for her. That is when the manager of the town allegedly required her to go home and go on FMLA. She asserted that she was told she could use her paid time off until it ran out. Because she used up all of her maternity leave during her pregnancy, she had to return to work about a week after her baby was born. The town manager claimed he believed that the town had followed both federal and state laws in the woman’s case.

Pregnancy discrimination is essentially a type of sex discrimination. Unfortunately, pregnancy — which ideally should be an exciting time for a couple — may end up causing stress and fear if a pregnant female employee ends up being mistreated due to her pregnancy. Fortunately, it is within her right to file a discrimination lawsuit in this situation. A successfully fought suit in the Bay Area might include the coverage of out-of-pocket expenses tied to the claim along with compensation for the loss of the enjoyment of life, which is considered emotional harm.

Source:, “Police Officer Sues Town Of Cromwell Over Claim Of Pregnancy Discrimination“, Harriet Jones, Aug. 29, 2017