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Police officer files pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

A police officer in another state claims that she was mistreated due to being pregnant. She has therefore filed a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit against her department. Anyone in the Bay Area who faces negative treatment in the workplace due to a pregnancy has the right to seek accountability from the employer for such conduct.

The police officer asserts that she had no choice but to take leave without pay because her department discriminated against her due to her pregnancy. The department allegedly refused to provide her with safety equipment that fit her properly. Specifically, she claims that she was not given a bulletproof vest that actually fit her, so she ended up having to wear one that made it difficult for her to breathe.

The woman alleges that she was also reportedly denied the opportunity to avoid patrol work. She claims she pinpointed several other jobs she could have done, such as following up with witnesses or even doing work on crime prevention, but her department did not allow it. She ended up going on leave several months before her son was born.

Pregnancy discrimination is a type of sex discrimination. Unfortunately, even though this is illegal, it still occurs at workplaces in the Bay Area and elsewhere. Any woman who has faced pregnancy-related harassment on the job may be entitled to pursue a civil claim against her employer. A successfully presented pregnancy discrimination claim might lead to an order that requires the employer to start making reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers, and the plaintiff may also be entitled to other remedies — including monetary damages — depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

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