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Gravedigger faces alleged wrongful termination

A gravedigger in another state claimed he was wrongfully terminated for reporting drunken, shoddy at work at multiple cemeteries. He has therefore filed a lawsuit, seeking damages. Anyone who experiences a wrongful termination in the Bay Area has the right to take legal action in an effort to hold his or her employer accountable.

In the out-of-state case, the gravedigger, 58, claimed he was essentially fired for simply doing what was right. He claimed that his coworkers were frequently high and inebriated, which led to major mistakes and careless work. For instance, his fellow workers reportedly would not dig deep-enough graves. In addition, they would allegedly desecrate graves that were already dug and then have a laugh about it. In addition, he claimed that they often busted into drainage pipes, which caused graves to flood frequently.

The man claimed that when he reported the issues, he ended up being fired rather than seeing the problems resolved. The man said he had been doing gravedigger-related work since he was 12 years old and that it was the type of work that both his father and grandfather performed. In his lawsuit, he is seeking reinstatement as well as back pay.

After working hard to contribute to an organization’s success in the Bay Area, experiencing a wrongful termination can naturally seem unfair and emotionally as well as financially devastating. However, a wrongfully terminated employee has the right to file a lawsuit against his or her organization in an attempt to right any wrong that has been committed. Monetary compensation from a successfully fought suit cannot undo the events leading to the firing, but it may help the victim to experience a sense of justice in such an ordeal.

Source:, “Gravedigger says he was fired for blowing whistle“, Dylan Brogan, Sept. 4, 2017