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March 2017 Archives

Employers may be discriminating against older applicants

A study led by an economist at the University of California, Irvine, has found employers may be discriminating against older individuals who are applying for jobs. The researchers sent out 40,000 resumes applying for actual jobs. The resumes that were sent out were identical for the same job type with the exception of the ages of the applicants.

Class-action lawsuit filed against jewelry company

California employees may be interested in learning that the discrimination claims that were filed against Sterling Jewelry Co. have developed into a class-action lawsuit. The claims are all centered around the management and the work culture they developed that was demeaning to female employees.

Women accuse jewelry company of sexual harassment

Diamonds might be called a girl's best friend, but 1,300 pages of sworn testimony from a class-action arbitration case against Sterling Jewelers Inc. allege that female employees experienced widespread sexual harassment. The company operates jewelry stores in malls throughout California and the country, and the attorney for the plaintiffs described the extent of the evidence against the company as "breathtaking".

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